Projects 2006

Upcoming Activities

12th Sustainability Conference | Urban Sustainability: Inspiration & Solution, Jan 2016, Portland, USA

Inaugural International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies, April 2016, Hawaii, USA

9th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum | Urbanism, Inclusion, and Cultural Freedoms, Sept 2016, Cincinnati, USA

Inclusive Cultural Leadership in Sustainable Development Field School, Dec 2016-Jan 2017, Vietnam

Recent Activities

8th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum | Museums as Civic Spaces, Aug 2015, New Delhi, India

Keynote: ICCN 2014 Festival and General Assembly,, Oct 2014, Isfahan, Iran

7th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, August 2014, Los Angeles, USA

Masterclass & Keynote | Pathways: Connecting Museums & Communities. South East Queensland Small Museums Conference, 21-24 August 2014, Australia

Keynote speech to Exploring Borders, 6th General Conference of ASEMUS,, Sept 2014, Weltmuseum Wien, Vienna, Austria

Keynote speech to Museums and Innovations. ICOM - International Conference on Ethnography, Oct 2014, Zagreb, Croatia

Co-facilitator and lead, Ha Long Ecomuseum study tour: Postcolonial Museology, Appropriate Capacity Building and Regional Engagement, ICOM-ICTOP Annual Conference,, Oct 2014, Hanoi & Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Chairperson of the Eleventh Sustainability Conference. Sustainability Dividends- Developmental Fault Lines,, Jan 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Strategic Transformations: Museums in 21st Century, February 2014, New Delhi & Kolkata, India

World Culture Forum: The Power of Culture in Sustainable Development, November 2013, Bali, Indonesia

Asia-Europe Foundation Experts' Meeting & Public Forum - Investing in Heritage Cities: Stimulus for Sustainable Tourism and Livelihoods, June 2013, Yangon, Myanmar

Workshop: Heritage as Knowledge Resource: social, political and cultural context, June 2013, Zagreb, Croatia

International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Jan 2013, Hiroshima, Japan

6th International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, April 2013, Denmark, Copenhagen

UNESCO World Heritage Convention 40th anniversary celebrations & book launch "World Heritage: Benefits Beyond Borders", Nov 2012, Kyoto, Japan

International Symposium on Culture & Sustainable Development, Nov 2012, Paris, France

5th General Conference of the Asia-Europe Museum Network, Sept 2012, Seoul, Korea

More than Meets the Eye - Keynote Lecture

Museums Australia National Conference, Sept 2012, Australia

Expert Meeting on the Protection and Promotion of Museums and Collections July 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

European Museum Advisors Conference, May-June 2012, Portugal

NEXT STEP: Putting Culture on the Agenda for the Future of Europe June 2012, Denmark


“Museums and Community Engagement Masterclass, Cobb & Co. Museum, Toowoomba (October 2006)

Facilitated by Dr Steven Engelsman, Professor Amareswar Galla, and Deborah Tranter


Transformations 2005 ANUTransformations

The second Transformations conference will be held at the Australian National University in November 2006. Part of the agenda of the convening agencies of Transformations 2006 is to recognise, in a post-industrial, globalised world environment, that human development must be understood as a process that occurs both locally, but within a total environment. Furthermore, planning for development is not just a function of economics, social or political change, health advancement, human and cultural rights, the absence of physical violence, or sustainable physical environments. Rather, it is achieved within, and through, interplay of all these functions. The second Transformations conference will continue to explore the themes and priority issues that have emerged from international policy work associated with cultural diversity since November 2001.

Tracking the Dragon

The project will provide an innovative on-line web content management system for enhancing and updating the national database of Chinese Australian Cultural Heritage (CACH) project and as such, it will provide an outstanding example of excellence in this field of Asia-Pacific studies and a key research and teaching tool of considerable cultural importance and historical significance. The project draws on existing resources of excellence in these specialized fields at the ANU and links them across sectors to the Chinese-Australian community and to researchers and teachers of the Chinese Diaspora in this country and internationally.

ICOM logoMuseums, Cultural Mapping and Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia, Bringing People And Their Heritage Together

In July, a transborder capacity building workshop – Museums, Cultural Mapping and Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia, Bringing People And Their Heritage Together – will be held consecutively in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Vientiane, Lao PDR. This workshop will focus on cultural mapping with participants from the ten Southeast Asian countries and East Timor. UNESCO Phnom Penh Office is a major partner of this workshop.

Asia Pacific Week Logo ANUAsia Pacific Week 2006

Asia Pacific Week 2006 was host to the Pacific Museums in Sustainable Heritage Development (PMSHD) workshop, 28th January – 2nd February. The PMSHD workshop was the largest ever meeting of Pacific Islander Museum/Cultural Centre directors and heritage specialists. There was a weeklong program of activities across three major themes – digital technologies, cultural diversity and human development. The International Centre of Excellence in Asia and Pacific Studies, the Commonwealth Association of Museums and UNESCO Office for the Pacific proudly supported the PMSHD workshop.


Second International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability

Common Ground Group worked in partnership with the ANU on the Second International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability in Hanoi, January 2006. As a partner, UNESCO Office in Hanoi was given the opportunity to showcase their Cua Van Floating Ecomuseum project.