Cold War Museum At Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie Prompts Discussion Over City’s Past


By Sophie Duvernoy | Huffington Post

BERLIN, Aug 28 (Reuters) – More than two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, differences over how to represent the Cold War past are hampering plans to build a new museum at the former Checkpoint Charlie border crossing.

Every day thousands of tourists flock to the site of a dramatic standoff between Soviet and American tanks in 1961 in the centre of what is now the capital of a reunited Germany.

Though still a potent symbol of the confrontation between communist East and capitalist West, the checkpoint today looks rather ramshackle and has been dubbed “snackpoint Charlie” by local media because of a proliferation of food stands.

The site features a rebuilt guard house and a cramped private museum focused on the methods used by East Germans to flee over the Wall. Drama students pose in U.

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