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8th World Summit On Arts & Culture | 11-14 March 2019 | KualaLumpur

The Summit explores and embraces the theme of Mobile Minds: Culture, Knowledge and Change.
Over the days of the Summit, delegates will identify global drivers of change, the issues and opportunities that arise from these forces, and their impact on the arts and culture sector; explore how creative practices respond to change, converge with its possibilities, interrogate its direction and actively diverge from its trajectory; and look at how we – as an international community – make tangible change for the future. Read more.

Fourth Chookolingo Memorial Lecture | 28 February 2019 | Varanasi

Fourth Dr Frank Chookolingo & Eva Maria Chookolingo Memorial Lecture 2019 is being organised by Department of History of Art Faculty of Arts, Banaras Hindu University on Thursday, 28 February 2019, at 03:00 PM at Mahayana Sabhagar, Malaviya Moolya Anushilan Kendra, BHU, Varanasi. The illustrated lecture is on “Amaravathi Heritage Town – old & new, the birth of an Indian Eco-museum” by Prof. Amareswar Galla, Chief Curator Amaravathi Heritage Center & Museum; Founder and Executive Director International Institute of Inclusive Museum.
For Poster click here.

Contours of India’s ‘Act East’ Policy | 18-19 Feb 2019 | Kolkata



Book of Abstracts, Kolkata Society for ASIAN Studies in collaboration with Indian Council for World Affairs, in association with Institute of Foreign Policy Studies & Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Calcutta is organising a Two-Day National Conference On Contours of India’s ‘Act East’ Policy: Opportunities, Challenges and Futuristic Trends of Indo-ASEAN Partnership at CSSH Auditorium, 10th Floor, Calcutta University, Alipore Campus. Detailed Program Schedule available here.

Cities facing Development and Preservation | 13-15 Feb 2019 | Vienna

images (5)Logo_City_of_Vienna.svg

How do big cities react to the challenges posed by the preservation of their UNESCO world heritage and by dynamic urban development?

The Workshop and Conference is being organised in cooperation between the City of Vienna and the Organisation of World Heritage Cities OWHC from 13th – 15th Feb 2019 in Vienna City Hall. Detailed program Schedule attached here .

International Symposium – Creativity & Freedom |5-6 Feb 2019 | New Delhi



International symposium ‘Creativity And Freedom’, organised by Kolkata-based CIMA Gallery and Ashoka University, will feature a varied line-up of speakers, including academicians, filmmakers, museum directors, who will talk about “creative freedom, especially in today’s polarised climate”.

The two-day seminar is scheduled to be held on February 5-6 at the India International Centre here.

Symposium director and art historian Alka Pande said the symposium would bring together all realms of creativity, including fine arts, visual arts, cinema, literature, design as well as popular culture.

“Artists, thinkers, academics, designers and innovators need to regroup and work as incubators for fashioning and re-imagining a world order of inclusiveness.


[Call For Papers] The Best in Heritage 2014

Best in Heritage 2014

“The Best in Heritage” is the world’s only annual survey of awarded museum, heritage and conservation projects

 This years conference will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 25 – 27 September 2014

The Best in Heritage is a two-day conference about professional excellence in public performances of heritage institutions demonstrated by the 24 presentations of awarded museum, heritage and conservation projects from all over the world. This year, we add to this conference of excellence a one day symposium to be held on Sunday, September 28th on the theme of “Efficiency and excellence in the public memory sector”. The book volume of presented contributions will be pre-published for the conference, distributed to the participants and made available on-line.

Call For Papers: Deadline April 30th 2014

Contributions should come from all the institutional facets of heritage: we all have our notion of what should be praised as excellence and how to achieve it, – for the noble and practical reasons, – in a world that offers but more and more challenges to this ambition. This may seem too wide an approach, but from the point of our users we are parts of the public service using collective and social memory for the quality of living.

Our claim is that all heritage organisations and institutions (museums, conservation, libraries, archives, hybrid and cyber institutions, heritage actions and networks, living heritage etc.) continue to demonstrate a constant convergence of their practices. Their theories converge to imply the need for a common science, – a higher conceptual level. This emerging science (Heritology? Mnemosophy, Cultural Heritage Science?) is another cohesion factor for the many diverse heritage occupations which each have their own theories (e.g. Museology, Archivistics, Librarianship, Computer science etc.).

Besides sharing ICT and theory, the heritage sector also shares a focus on visitors and users and the same mission in society: we all want to turn the heritage from the past into a noble and scientifically based wisdom that can then be used for the harmonious development of our society. Those shared values, together with the analysis of good daily practice, from eco-museums  to citizen heritage action, should be the leitmotiv of the papers and presentations we expect to receive.

This call for papers is in fact a plea for like-minded sympathizers and allies to join us in the project of a future grand profession, uniting all our heritage occupations in a concerted effort to turn our collective public memories into a Useful Heritage.

Deadline is April 30th. For more information visit: 


World Culture Forum, 24-27 November, Bali, Indonesia

World Culture Forum |  The Power of Culture in Sustainable Development

World Culture Forum

The Power of Culture in Sustainable Development

24 – 27 November 2013, Bali, Indonesia

In 2011 the UN General Assembly called for a more visible and effective integration and mainstreaming of culture into development policies and strategies at all levels.

The World Culture Forum  is envisaged as an arena for sharing experiences, strengthening meaningful relationships, appreciating cultural diversity and fostering policies that enable local and national cultural communities to flourish in an age of unprecedented globalisation.

The World Culture Forum convened by the President of Indonesia in Bali from 24 to 27 November 2013 aspires to recommend:

  • New pathways for locating culture as an integral part of sustainable development
  • Ethical frameworks for ensuring community engagement and stakeholder benefits
  • New participatory models for promoting cultural democracy
  • Draft frameworks for evidence based measuring of sustainable cultural development
  • Strategic inputs into the framing of Sustainable Development Goals in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Leading international agencies and critical thinkers will engage the participants in six themed symposia that will form the overarching framework of the World Culture Forum 2013:

  • Holistic Approaches to Culture in Development
  • Civil Society and Cultural Democracy
  • Creativity and Cultural Economics
  • Culture in Environmental Sustainability
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Inter-Faith Dialogue and Community Building

[Paris] Culture and Sustainable Development Symposium

Culture and sustainable development

The International Symposium on Culture and Sustainable Development will be held November 22 and 23, 2012, in the Centre des Congrès of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, in Paris.

The Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum, Professor Amareswar Galla, will be speaking at this event.


Present international thinking and identify courses of action to promote better integration of culture in sustainable development initiatives

The role of culture in the search for sustainable development is the subject of a growing interest worldwide, and more and more organizations engage in operational approaches to integrate culture in their policies development.

Culture and Sustainable Development

Coordinated by the French Ministry of Culture and Quebec, this conference is open to the public, will bring together artists, researchers, experts, professional culture and sustainable development, policy makers and representatives of international organizations combine reflection and action to develop innovative practices, create new partnerships and strategies reflect a greater recognition and realization of the link between culture and sustainable development.

 For more information visit the Symposium website: The International Symposium on Culture and Sustainable Development

[UNESCO Expert Meeting] Protection & Promotion of Museums & Collections

UNESCO Expert Meeting: Protection & Promotion of  Museums & Collections 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11 – 14 July 2012

The Director-General of UNESCO, in consultation with the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and the Brazilian Institute of Museums (IBRAM), is convening an international experts meeting on the protection and promotion of museums and collections, which will be held from 11 to 13 July 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The aim of the meeting is to conduct an assessment of the range of possible modalities for the protection and promotion of museums and collections in times of war and in times of peace on the basis of the 1954 UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property. The assessment report will then be submitted to the Executive Board of UNESCO for examination at its 190th session in October 2012.

“This meeting will provide a unique global platform for knowledge sharing, reflection and debate on the protection and promotion of museums and collections worldwide,” said Christian Manhart, Chief of the UNESCO Museums Section. Approximately 50 experts from museums, museum associations, universities and non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations around the world will participate in this experts meeting.

Working Documents:

Provisional Agenda: EN | FR | PT | ES

Rules of Procedure: EN | FR

Information Documents:

List of Participants: EN | FR

Records of the 36th General Conference – Resolutions EN (p.57) | FR (p.64)

UNESCO Concept Paper : EN | FR

Definitions of Select Concepts: EN FR | PT | ES

Source: UNESCO convenes Experts Meeting on Museums and Collections

[Next Step Conference] Culture for the Future of Europe

culture europe conference next step

NEXT STEP – Putting Culture on the Agenda for the Future of Europe

A conference debating the decisions to be made in regard to EU 2014- 2020 policies and budget and these decisions’ impact on the cultural landscape of Europe in the future.

In 2012, the Council of Ministers and Members of the European Parliament will decide on the EU budget and the programmes for the years 2014-2020. This conference, organized by DSI Swinging Europe and the Danish Center for Arts & Interculture in connection with the Danish EU Presidency, will gather a broad range of national and European policy- and decision-makers from Scandinavia and other EU Member States for in-depth debates on this urgent topic.

The conference will take place on June 7-8th 2012 in Herning in the Central Denmark Region, when the nearby city of Horsens is hosting the Danish EU Presidency from April to June 2012.

For more information see the Next Step Programme (PDF) and website: http://www.nextstepeu.com